Your passion at something is tangible to others

Your passion at something reflects your understanding and enthusiam of it

You passion is like a scent in the air, it spreads

Your passion blends into people’s perception. They understand it and would appreciate it

You Passion mixes of those with the like ones, you bond

Your passion lightens up the context at large

You passion is the intangible energy that move you forward

Your passion leverages you, elevates you to a higher pedestal in thinking, understanding and your job

You passion is the leverage you have over others when it comes to the context at large

and ultimately…

You passion is who YOU are


This post is a very intense and personal depiction of what Passion is to Me.
It was almost orgasmic writing this post. It was the time when my mind, body and Heart were all focused to one thing, putting to words what Passion has been, is and will be for me. It is pure unadulterated emotion that has flown out. Hope i did justice to it.

Passion for me has been, is and will be that one thing which is at the highest pedestal of all in life.


This is a completely personal post. More like a rant but good ones, happy ones.

I am obsessed with watching and observing failure. There is something about them which is so fascinating. I like observing lows or people in their lows or even situation depicting lows. There is so much to learn and understand.

Basically you could be saving yourself from a lot of such situations.

Failure sure feels pathetically bad. Doesn’t it hit you right i the gut.
When i face a failure i just feel like i can become a black hole and sink within myself ! Its difficult.

But if we look deeply or think through then i believe we can learn a lot. Whether it is crashing your car, failing to make a good presentation or getting rejected after proposing a girl !

Learning is the only constant and hence let us have the better of it.
So lets failure + +

Make your own Rules

RULES according to the context here is what is perceived to be normal and acceptable by the society. And i don’t give a rats ass about it most of the times, believe me that has been very good for me yet ! A lot of famous people’s speeaches had been very attesting to it. Steve jobs, Gandhi, Martin Luther…there are lots of examples in the open if one is willing to see.



I had encountered, witnessed and had enough of a lot of boundary conditions, rules, societal agreements when i was India. There if you are not in a big city and modern companion then it becomes really really difficult to breath with open throat. I understand the problem, thats what i am trying to tell.

But, at the end of the day, wherever you are, whoever you are with and whatever you are doing it is YOU and only YOU who CAN, SHOULD and WILL make rules and boundaries for yourself.
I remember reading an elaborate research article by a noble laureate probably Kahneman if i am not wrong, the outcome was that nobody usually cares nor observes about what you are doing at any given time when you are wondering “oh what the people are going to think!”

I think anything with the mission and aim of Happiness, Love and Spreading the previous two SHOULD and MUST be done. YOU DESERVE a FREE and HAPPY LIFE.



About Good

Being confident is good

Doubting yourself is not

Trusting your gut-instinct is good

Worrying most of the time is not

Doing what you love to do is good

Feeling awkward trying to do the above is not

Expressing what you feel is good

Not doing the above is not

What you have in your heart if its on your mouth, its good

Being diplomatic is not


FYI, I am the odd consecutive points above and i am proud of it. I revere and celebrate myself and that is a feeling nobody can takeaway from you.

Have a confident, fun and happy great life !

Want an Encrypted Email Service, Free, No Ads [SHIELD]

This third post in the SHIELD series is a prologue to securing your emails. Securing your present email accounts, be it Gmail, Yahoo or even your custom email is slightly a bigger task than it sounds. I am on it and the next post will answer just that.

Why you need an Encrypted Email service unlike Gmail and Yahoo ?
Lavabit is an alternate email service which is robust, foolproof and fully secure and free. ”At the time, Lavabit’s founders felt Gmail was a great service but that Google was actively violating the privacy of its users by displaying ads related to keywords in their e-mail,” says the Lavabit official website. Edward Snowden is apparently using the service, which jumped into existence in 2004 as a result of privacy concerns about Gmail.

Again in lieu of the recent unravelling of the PRISM program by NSA and other countries with similar program that spy and have the ability to look into your emails, social networks and everything online, it is good idea for people to try stay covert as far as possible. Thats what the SHIELD series of my blog posts are all about.

The above summarizes why you should have an encrypted email services. Mayn’t be as your Primary email but definitely as an alternate service. You can share it among family and friends for sharing sensitive data like may be bank statements, credit card statements, id passwords to shared services, etc. These are somethings that i personally share. Till date i have been using hard coded on paper visual or logical encryption techniques which though rudimentary but effective till the time the information is consumed and deleted.

The Feature list is so awesome and long it’s simply eye candy ! Take a look for yourself [features].

Here are the different plans one can choose from. At $8 a year they are pretty cheap for the service they provide.Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 7.20.59 PM